Friday, September 29, 2006

Science Websites to visit

One of the best resources around is science websites. There are multiple places for kids to visit and learn about different concepts of science

Amusement Park Physics is a sight that actually lets kids design their own roller coaster. They get to choose the height of the first and second hills, the slope after the hill, and an optional loop. At the end they receive a fun rating and a safety rating. They can view why their roller coaster did not pass the requirements and make changes accordingly. This site offers the dynamics of physics in a way that is concise and interactive.

Another site listed is National Geographic’s Beyond 2000. Researchers and inventors share possible things that can happen in the next generation. These items include video watches, global positionaling to locate lost kids, and door-to-door transit systems. There is also a place for kids to share their own thoughts about what might happen in the future.

BrainPop is a website full of interactive things for kids to do with many subject areas. They have short videos that teach concepts such as kinetic energy, eclipses, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Each subject has a printable activity page involving crosswords or word finds. Some of the videos require membership in order to view them but all the topics are available for free along with many other resources.

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s website offers many home experiments. They are divided into three categories: life science, physical science, and planetary science. Each experiment uses everyday items and could be used inside or outside the classroom. There is also a question of the week answered by Bill and even a letter from him explaining why Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

Jessica Geer Secondary Education Math Major

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