Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Calliope World History magazine from Cobblestone Publication

The curriculum library now has all back issues of Calliope magazine beginning 1990 to the present. Calliope is a magazine that is designed for grades 3-8 and focuses on events in world history. You can find this magazine in ED SEC 308. Here are the upcoming themes for CALLIOPE ®

2006 - 2007 School Year
September -- Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
October-- Mesopotamia
November --Greece vs. Persia: Centuries of Conflict
December -- Julius Caesar
January -- Music Travels the Silk Road
February -- China - at the Forefront with Technology
March -- Korea's Silla Dynasty
April -- The French Revolution
May -- Epic Heroes

2007 - 2008 School Year
September -- Akhenaten, Egypt's Heretic King
October -- The Birth of Ancient India
November -- Greek Olympics
December -- Heroes and Heroines of Early Rome
January -- Maps
February -- Mythical Monsters
March -- Genghis Khan
April -- Joan of Arc
May -- Inventions

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