Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Educator's EZine now online

This is an excellent resource for teachers to learn how they can infuse technology into their lesson plans. EZine is a part of the magazine TechLEARNING. The contents of the February edition are listed below. Click on the title above to go to the home page or follow the links below to the articles.

Contents February 2007

How To Take Notes Online By Julia VanderMolen
Students will actually enjoy taking notes for their projects with this assortment of Web-based note-taking tools.
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Professional Development
Cornerstones of Technology Integration, Pt. 2 By Frank Rudnesky
How one New Jersey school solved the problems of professional development and technology integration by using a well-designed peer-mentoring program.

From the Classroom
Ten Cool Ways To Use MS Word In Your Classroom By Folwell Dunbar
Who knew that a mild-mannered ordinary word processing program was really a SuperProgram in disguise, allowing users to unleash their inner creative genius.

Classroom Web-controlled Receivers By Kevin C. Wise
The Web has made shortwave radio accessible to all, and now it can provide some fascinating learning in science as well as in social studies and literature.

Tech Talk
Ten Ways to Integrate Technology By Laura Turner
Ten ways that easy-to-use free technology can make the teacher’s task easier and student learning both more enjoyable and more productive.

Ideas and Opinions
Wiki Nation By Craig Ullman
Some thoughts on how the success of Wikipedia can help us to re-think our basic concepts of evaluation, and of the differences between the individual and the group.

Web Tours
FREE Resources in the Arts Visit these web sites for information, activities, and resources for learning the arts.

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