Friday, March 30, 2007

This day in history

This is a great website for social studies teachers. Each day the teacher can look at this site and play the short one minute video about what happened this day in history. The site also contains a great deal of information regarding events in history. Click on the title above or use this link

Here are the events for this week:
March 30 John Hinckley, Jr.'s attempt on President Reagan's life.
March 31 Eiffel Tower opens in Paris in 1889.
April 1 Royal Airforce is formed in 1918.
April 2 Falkland Islands are invaded in 1982.
April 3 Exon Valdez crashes causing the largest oil spill in history.
April 4 Assination of Martin Luther King Jr.
April 5 NASA is formed in 1958.

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